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Picking Up Fresh Topics For A College Microeconomics Term Paper

Microeconomics is an interesting subject and a further division of the larger subject which is economics. While economics is the study of the relationship between supply and demand in general, microeconomics, deals with the same at an individual level. You learn to apply different concepts of economics on individual level when you are studying microeconomics. However, you have to make sure that you are not trying to address the entire subject all at once. You have to find a sub division that you will address because the subject itself is wide and one cannot complete it in a single paper.

The title of your assignment is critical and for writing a winning term paper, the first thing you need is an engaging title. If you have a good title and the outline of your paper ready, then half of your task is done. You will only use the data from the outline to write your paper and move in the direction as suggested by your title. Try to pick the topic of your paper by thinking critically and organizing your thoughts. You should be able to choose a good title in a week’s time at most. This also depends upon your interest in the subject because students may even already have a topic in their mind for the subject and might be waiting for an opportunity to write about it.

Topic selection is critical because it will decide the significance and worth of your paper for your audience. If you choose a unique topic, most of the readers will want to know what it is actually about and how you will carry it through the rest of your paper. However, if you begin with a less interesting and obvious topic, then the readers will expect the same from the rest of your term paper and may not even read it.

Here are a few ideas to consider for a topic in microeconomics term paper

  1. What is the demand and market equilibrium
  2. How do individuals weigh the opportunity cost of buying a good
  3. What does a price elasticity of demand show about a good
  4. How can an oil trader benefit from the decrease in car prices
  5. What is a liquidity trap
  6. What is money and its value
  7. Discussing the behavior of consumers and firms under different situations