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A List Of 15 Good Topics For An 8-Page Research Paper

The basics of writing an 8-page paper are distributed among points that are not too difficult to understand. You can more or less compose a decent academic paper if you get these basics right. Since these essays are longer than the average 4 or 5 page essays, there is a greater scope for inclusion of particulars.

Writing the 8-page paper however is also a little risky as there is a greater chance to veer from the topic. A large part of this challenge can be tackled by coming up with the right topic. Here are some topic suggestions on 8 page essays that you can vet for a start.

  1. Sleep: the need, function, benefits and disadvantages
  2. GPS Systems: is the modern location technology making us more or less free?
  3. Has there ever been any escape from Alcatraz?
  4. Gladiator Basics: Was life really as glorious for gladiators as it has been portrayed in mainstream media?
  5. Repelling insects: What are different ways of repelling insects without killing them?
  6. America Railroads: the change in the life of an average American after larger rail networks were built
  7. Roswell UFO 1947: What has been narrated v what might have actually occurred
  8. Bulletproof Garments: Should we not focus more on shunning guns in the first place?
  9. Ancient Olympics: Where and how did the events start in ancient Greece?
  10. Dinosaur Resurgence: Can it only happen in movies or is there really a way?
  11. The History of the skateboard and advances over the years
  12. 2008 recessions: an analysis of the causes alongside contemporary economy
  13. Hip hop origins: which culture should be given the maximum credit
  14. Documenting the worst cases of tobacco abuse
  15. The change in modern warfare after the emergence of gunpowder

Language concerns

Apart from selection of topic, most newbie writers seem to be concerned with the language that they should ideally follow. There are several people that are concerned about the style in which the essay should be composed. This website presents the ideas language style and diction forms that should be used in 8-page academic papers. You can find here the words and phrases that you can use and the ones that you should try and avoid.

The best way to construct the paper is by using a language that is both effective and simple. Do not try to use a language that is too superfluous and evades comprehension.