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Where To Look For An Example Of A Research Paper Opening Statement

Writing a research paper requires students to be careful and put maximum efforts in building a strong paper. You do not only have to write your opinion about the subject but also analyze other’s work and give an objective evaluation in your assignment. This type of paper is different from other academic papers because students need to think critically and search deep down in the subject. If you are to write a strong research paper for your college, it is important that you plan your assignment and stay careful to be able to score a good grade

The opening statement in your research paper is the first sentence the reader will read in your paper. It is different from a thesis statement because that comes last in the introduction paragraph while the opening statement is the first sentence where you begin your paper and add a hook relevant to the main body of your paper that would engage your readers. Never begin the opening statement by obvious phrases like in this paper we would discuss or the purpose of this paper is to… You have to create a curiosity and develop the interest of your readers by using a strong quotation, an anecdote, a refuting argument, a strong fact, or a thought provoking logic. You have to write this statement cleverly so that it can merge in to your thesis statement by the end of your introduction paragraph

If this is your first time writing an opening statement or a research paper, then you should consider improving your knowledge and performing some research before writing your paper. Even though the purpose of this statement is same like academic essays but the tone and style would change for a research paper. You can get help by finding a reliable example relevant to your assignment and follow it for writing your statement

To be able to find good examples for an opening sentence, you should consider looking at the following sources

  1. The internet contains all sorts of examples for academic papers and you can use any of them for writing your own. It is important to use the right keywords and phrases to get the best results
  2. Use the library to find quality samples for your help
  3. Get help from guidebooks with solved examples
  4. Ask a senior to lend you their notes