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A List Of Engaging Research Paper Topics On 1984

1984 is the most famous novel written by George Orwell. At the time, he was writing about how the world would be years later. He wrote 1984 in 1948 and created the title by switching around the digits in the year that he wrote the novel. Students can write a research paper on this novel by choosing an interesting topic. There are many different research essay topics available on this subject, and students can find some of the best topics online without difficulty. There are also example research essays online that students can use to see how they should structure the argument and thesis for their paper on 1984.

Research Paper Topics on 1984

  1. Double think is a main concept in 1984. How did doublethink facilitate the brainwashing of Oceania? How did Orwell use doublethink to illustrate how political parties could brainwash today's citizens?
  2. How does Big Brother watch everyone in the novel? What role does Big Brother play on the main character, Winston? In what way does Winston's focus on Big Brother similar or different from his focus on O'Brien?
  3. From the beginning of the novel to the end, Winston's attitude toward the Party changes. How does his attitude lead to Winston's ultimate downfall? What causes his attitude toward the Party to change?
  4. There are many ideas and motifs in the novel that do not affect the plot. Although these symbols are not necessary for driving the plot, how do they affect the perception that the reader has? Students should look at the attitude toward the singing of the prole woman, the St. Clement's Church picture, Winston's paperweight and the St. Clement's song. While the paperweight symbolized Winston's past, it also indicates an area where Winston can dream freely. Similarly, other symbols and motifs demonstrate Winston's goal of escaping from the oppression of life under the Party.
  5. What is Room 101? In the novel, Room 101 is a place where the worst fear of each individual is kept. Since Winston does not know what will be found in Room 101, it makes the thought of it more frightening. When he ultimately encounters a cage of rats, does the discovery break down Winston's spirit?
  6. How is Julia different or similar to Winston? Does her youth make her look at the Party differently than Winston? When Winston was young, it was before the Party came into being, while Julia grew up only knowing the Party. How is she more or less afraid of the Party?