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Top Ten Research Paper Topics you should Never Write On

In many things, there is always something that should never be done. Even in essays, there are a few topics that should never be written about. And there are reasons they should not be either. Some things can give a bad impression, even if done right, not everyone will see it the same way it was said. Other things are just bad to write about. This is what will be talked about in this article.

  1. Homicidal or Suicidal Feelings
  2. Even if a student suffers from depression, and has those suicidal feelings, but medication is helping control them. Any of these can give a bad view of the student. If talking about anger, never talk about feeling like they wanted to kill that person, because it will very much so give a bad impression to the school. Even though the student found a better way, and was trying to show how they dealt with that feeling, do not.

  3. Stupid Things done as a Kid
  4. No one wants to read about that. Talk to friends about it, when sharing funny stories, but never write an essay on this.

  5. Never Write what You Think the School wants to Hear
  6. Always write with your own voice, what you think, and see. Never try to figure out what the school wants, that is the last thing they will ever want.

  7. Personal Secrets
  8. Those are your’s, no one wants to know them, the essay is not for therapy, it is to express your thoughts.

  9. Death in the Family
  10. This has little to do with your education. If it deals with your topic, do a quick jaunt on it, but do not make an essay on it.

  11. Answer the Question
  12. If the instructor wants a question addressed in the essay, pick a topic that addresses it. Never force a topic.

  13. Anything the Student cannot Relate To
  14. Every student has some knowledge and experience, use them in your essays. Do not write about things you do not know about.

  15. Drug Use
  16. Drugs are illegal, that is not something that should be written about in an essay.

  17. Time in Jail
  18. Even if you have spent time in jail, and are trying to improve yourself. That is between you and those that need to know. It is not something to write an essay on.

  19. Heroic Journeys
  20. Schools want truth, not fantasy. If they want a story from you, your English instructor will ask you for one. Never write an essay on a heroic journey, and create a story about yourself.