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Intriguing Research Paper Topic Ideas In Business And Finance

A good research paper topic will not only be intriguing to your reader but will also be interesting to write. While there are thousands of areas you can base your paper on, not all are valuable and will assist in your quest for better grades. In fact, others are regarded as mundane since they are based on ideas that have been studied over and over. Before commencing your research or writing process, ensure that your chosen topic meets the following conditions.

  • Interesting- choose an idea and words that are interesting to read. Identify a perspective that is unique and that which will capture the attention of your readers. An interesting topic can also be in an area that has been studied over and over as long as you provide a captivating twist.
  • Relevant- base your paper on an issue that is relevant to your discipline and the society at large. Your paper should seek to provide solutions to prevailing social challenging. Relevance also means choosing a paper in an area that is within your academic scope. This helps you to exercise your academic prowess and understanding of the concepts being taught in the subject.
  • Specific- narrow your topic to cover an area or idea that is limited in scope. A topic that is too wide might leave you with a lot to say that it does not fit within the recommended length. On the other hand, a topic that is too narrow is likely to leave your reader yearning for more.

Here is a list of excellent topics in business and finance to consider for your research paper.

  1. The dangers of online payment systems in the face of cyber hacking
  2. How far should technology replace accountants?
  3. Ensuring a seamless international financial system
  4. When money becomes a virtual commodity
  5. Shielding the value of companies in highly speculative money markets
  6. Gender gap in managerial pay
  7. Market forces driving stock value in exchange markets
  8. The impact social media is having on stock markets
  9. Where young people are making and keeping their money
  10. Who will control money in the next ten years
  11. How much is too much for use in luxury spending?
  12. The reality behind micro-finance banking model
  13. How airlines can cushion themselves from the dangers posed by health epidemics
  14. In management, is it education or experience
  15. Employment of family members in businesses