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Social Work Research Paper Topics: What To Write About?

You have received a research paper assignment in one of your social work courses. For some reason, you have no idea where to begin. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get the research and the writing complete! To help you get started we have a list of suggested topics that should help you out.

Try to pick a topic that is interesting to you, in an area that you may wish to continue studying further. Your writing will be better when you like learning about the subject being discussed. Also, it can help you to lay the foundation for future research in your field.

  • Immigration Issues Affecting Social Workers
  • Social workers are increasingly being called upon to work with more varied clients as a result of increased immigration. Often newcomers to the country may not be able to read, write or speak the native language. The social norms and customs of the new country may be very different from the the birthplace of the immigrant.

    Examine how this affects the ability of a social worker to do his or her job. Are there losses in productivity or resources as a result? What are some of the support services that social workers need to deal with an increasingly diverse client base?

    Do differences in faith or spirituality cause conflicts between immigrants and their social workers? Should new arrivals to the country be paired with social workers with similar backgrounds, or encouraged to assimilate as quickly as possible by matching them with workers who have different ethnicity and beliefs?

  • Behaviour Modification Techniques
  • Social work often involves encouraging people to change their behaviour in order to alter, and improve their situations. Much research has gone into attempting to assess what are the most effective methods for achieving these goals. Should more resources be put into training social workers in any particular behaviour modification approaches?

    What have been the most successful interventions so far? What are areas that you believe deserve more attention and support? You could focus your research on different methods of schooling young children. Does home-schooling produce kids that are better or worse adjusted to social situations?

  • Traits Of Successful Relationships
  • What makes for happy families or couples? Parent-child relationships can be especially intriguing and complex . How do relationships change over time?When it comes to a satisfying marriage, is it true that opposites attract? Or do birds of a feather wed better together?