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Impact Of World War II

World War II was one of the most significant moments of the history of the United States. This is because the events that occurred before, during and after the war were essential towards shaping various social, economic and cultural perspectives of the United States. The United States had the largest military presence in the war and thus it influence in the war was ultimate. The world war was the presentation of the biggest struggle that human beings have ever undergone. The war led to numerous deaths, damage of property, a lot of money was spent and the changes that resulted after the war had never been experienced.

The world war had a profound effect on America even if there was no engagement in the mainland of the United States. The war affected various perspectives of the typical American life because of its nature and the manner in which it progressed. The structure of the war required a strategic combination of both tactics and strategy because of the alliances that were involved in the war. Therefore, the engagement of the United States in the war required massive dedication and supply of resources and monumental efforts to enhance success in the war. As a result, the war led to various social and economic engagements at home that provided a platform for progression after the war.

One of the notable outcomes of the war was the ending of the Great Depression. There was massive military spending at the advent of the world war a way of bolstering the defense of the country and it led to the end of the depression because there was a high number of Americans that were employed in the protection of the United States by making weapons. This led to a lot of prosperity in the economic perspective because the governmental was able to spend a lot of money and most of the money came back into circulation because most of the private entities did not have the ability or they had been unwilling to spend.

The mobilization associated the war led to various engagements in the United States. This led to the engagement of various entities and organization that had to work in collaboration t give support to the United States. The capitalists in the United States started engaging the government in order to get the relief of running agencies that coordinated production for the Americans. This led to a change in the policies governing the businesses and thus leading to a guarantee for all production and development costs and thus enhancing the business prospects in the country.

There was a massive shakeup in the in the social setup of the society. This s because the war led to the employment of more women in various capacities in the society, and this led to an emergence of various movements that fought for the civil rights of the women. The women were also subjected to various benefits in the society that include exposure to benefits that were initially dedicated to men. Therefore, this led to the rise of various initiatives that assisted in the empowerment of women. The expansion of the manufacturing in the war industries also expanded the scope of employment. This led to the employment of the African-Americans, and this gave them an opportunity to give a service to their country in various perspectives. These individuals were empowered because of the incentives and wages that were provided. As a result, the culture of racial violence and segregation and thus moving their quality of life through social and cultural comfort in the United States.