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Guidelines On How To Pick Interesting Research Paper Topics On Psychology

Psychology is a science about the secrets of the human mind. It speaks about our habits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. This science has the power to effectively prove how complex some of the things we take for granted really are.

A long time ago, scientists saw and understood one simple fact - people will always behave in accordance with clearly defined rules of the game. This social science is very important because of its ability to decipher the patterns of human behavior and modify something if that is what is needed.

If you are looking for some science inspired paper topic, you will find these guidelines useful.

  1. Peek into the depths of the human psyche
    • Scientists have agreed upon the fact that the human race is hardwired to optimism. The same rule applies for our deep and strong desire to survive even when the circumstances are stacked against us.
    • Power of social discrimination. Analyze why we take pride in being superior to others by placing ourselves in the “winning circle” (slim vs. fat, employed vs. unemployed).
    • Why we criticize and judge other people lives and decisions? A useful hint – it has got something to do with our self-confidence.
    • The empathy problem - Can we always empathize with other people's misfortune? What makes psychopaths immune to tears, pain, blood and pleas?
    • Why is boredom so dangerous for us? It’s a proven fact that people are prone to negative thoughts during long periods of idle leisure.
    • Power of the majority – If the majority says that black is white and the night is in fact a day, an individual feels a tremendous pressure to agree with them. There’s a good opportunity to explore the power of truth and resilience in this problem.
  2. Psychological experiments
    • The Bobo doll experiment – Explore the secrets of violent behavior and discover which factors (genetic or social) play a key part in this process.
    • The Marshmallow test – Can you sit in front of a candy bar and restrain the desire to eat it just because someone told you to wait?
    • The Stanford Prison experiment – It’s an interesting story about the possibility to change sides in behavior. A good person can become bad if the circumstances allow such development and vice versa.
    • The placebo effect – We are convinced that a pill will eliminate the headache. What happens if we take vitamin C with the belief that it’s in fact an aspirin? Sometimes our beliefs have physical indicators.