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Where Can I Get a Proofread Research Paper Example?

When you are just learning to write research papers, relevant samples can become your guide. However, you must be careful to use only reliable and proofread examples, or you may get a wrong idea of what your research paper should look like. Here are few steps to discovering the best research paper examples.

  • Ask your instructor.
  • He or she must have A+ research papers that were submitted by other students in this course. Explain that you need them as examples of proper formatting and layout. Most instructors will not refuse you.

  • Browse your school library.
  • Some libraries contain lots of student research papers, both in paper and electronic form. Search the online database, then the physical library. Look for papers submitted to the same instructor as yours. Sort them by date. The most recent ones are the most relevant as requirements may change over time.

  • Check academic style guides.
  • Search the Web for educational websites (.edu) explaining the APA or MLA style. These resources have excellent examples of research papers, fully explained, with as much detail as exact values of indents and page margins. Getting a research paper sample from an educational website, you may rest assured that it has been thoroughly proofread. You may also use these examples as your step-by-step style guide if your assignment specifies nothing but the use of APA or MLA. However, when there is a conflict between the requirements of your assignment and general style guides (for example, your assignment requires 1.5 inch margin on the left while the APA standard is 1 inch), stick to the former.

  • Read scholarly journals.
  • Browse the academic journals in your school library for articles on topics similar to that of your research. As a rule, research papers published there are free of spelling and grammar errors. The language in which most of them are written may be too complicated, but at least you will see the correct use of terminology and academic vocabulary. You can also learn the art of presenting your research findings from simply looking how scholars do it. However, do not use journal research studies as your formatting guide because requirements in peer-reviewed journals are considerably different from those in most academic courses.

  • Visit writing labs.
  • There are online resources created to assist students with writing their research papers. You can find not only proofread examples but also writing tips there. When deciding whether to trust this writing lab or not, look at the team information. A credible resource should be run by people with relevant academic backgrounds.