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Selecting Strong Research Paper Topics On Technology: Tips & Examples


This article provides a few tips and examples designed to help you make definitive choices from inspirational ideas you may have on technology. Before the essay on your chosen technology is produced, research needs to be accurately refined. Given the field, little room is allowed for misquotations.

First define technology

Theories, hypotheses and anecdotal information will be supporting themes in this paper. The main statement remains technology, and your mission is to provide information on how it is applied to your chosen field. Vague dictionary definitions on technology will not be enough here, but it does represent a starting point for you if you do not yet understand what technology means.

Then narrow down choices to field of interest

Assume for now that you are a high school student and your teacher has basically given you a creative license to make your own choices. Or assume that you are approaching college graduation with the study of botany or robotics as one of your majors and it’s time to turn in your final paper. Refining your research on technology is critical because this subject is a broad church. You need to select the technological methodologies and applied science closely linked to your field of study.

How to do the research

At high school level studies, you won’t yet know much about the best places to begin your online research. In fact, you do not need the internet for now. Begin with your textbook and school library. Many public school libraries’ catalogues have not been updated for years due to the lack of funds. This is a blessing in disguise because the available texts on your chosen topic may seem outdated but, in essence, are providing you with the original sources of the associated technology.

What makes the research paper credible?

These archaic texts may be voluminous and time does not allow you to absorb everything. You have narrowed your research down to what has piqued your interest in relation to your studies. The next step is to search for peer reviews and accredited journals.


What happens next may surprise you. Use your chosen themes as keywords and apply them meticulously to an internet search. The chances are that you may be led to the most up to date and credible resources not always visible to the naked eye.