research paper tips

Brief tutorial on how to make a research paper

Throughout your education, you will be asked to write a research paper or two. It may seem like an intimidating process because it is a larger paper than most that you will be asked to write and you will have to cite scholarly sources and conduct extensive research.

Research papers require that you do extensive research on a topic and then draw a conclusion from your research. Once you have drawn a conclusion, you would prove it through facts from your research.

How to make a research paper?

  1. Preliminary Research
  2. The first step is to do some preliminary research on a general topic to find one that is a little more concentrated.

  3. Outline
  4. The next step is to create an outline that points out the main points that you would want to discuss in your research paper.

  5. Thesis statement
  6. The thesis statement will be created from the information that you gathered from your preliminary research and the outline that you created.

  7. Rough Draft
  8. Once you have done all of your prep work, it is time to write your rough draft. This will be the first attempt at writing your paper. The rough draft should be used as something that you can use to get your ideas on paper.

  9. Transitions
  10. You can add transitions to your rough draft to help it flow and to start the process of turning it into a final copy.

  11. Proofread
  12. The next step is to proofread your paper and make any edits that you need to punctuation, grammar, or spelling.

  13. Check structure

You can then check the structure of your paper. Be sure to check to make sure that you have included these elements:

  • An introduction that gives background information on the topic, vocabulary that will be needed to understand the topic, and thesis statement.
  • Each of the at least three body paragraphs concentrate on a supporting fact. You can write more than one paragraph for each topic but you should only have one topic in a paragraph.
  • The conclusion should restate the thesis. It should wrap up your paper as well.

This should help you write your research paper. Having a brief tutorial will help you make writing your research paper easier. You can use this tutorial to write all of your research papers. The concept is the same for any research paper no matter how long or short it has to be.