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10 Archeology Research Paper Topics: Reliving Mysteries

Archeology is a fascinating subject to study. The field combines elements of the past, the present and the unknown. Legends, myths and mysteries are unearthed by archeologists, and the significance of their finds stirs up discussion and debate. Deciding on a topic may be the most difficult aspect of doing an archeology research assignment.

We hope you'll find some inspiration in the ideas that follow:

  1. The Pyramids
  2. Built almost 5000 year ago, the Pyramids at Giza cannot help but hold you captivated and in awe. The subject of countless research papers, assignments and dissertations, they are still a source of seemingly endless mysteries. Even today, new tunnels, secret rooms and treasure troves are being discovered.

  3. The Lost City Of Atlantis
  4. Nobody is certain where exactly Atlantis was, or even if it was! But legends and theories abound regarding an advanced seafaring civilization that somehow slipped into the sea and vanished.

  5. Stonehenge
  6. Archeologists can agree that Stonehenge was built around 4000 years ago by a relatively primitive people. But that's about all that is generally accepted when it comes to the most famous rocks in the world.

  7. The Nazca Lines In Peru
  8. On the ground you would never know they were there. But when the age of aviation came to us, early pilots overflying Peru were able to distinguish pictures of animals, figures, plants and geometric lines. How could a civilization that existed 2000 years ago know where to “draw”, and how their pictures would look from thousands of feet up?

  9. Screaming Mummies
  10. Several mummies have been unearthed in Egypt that appear to have been tortured, and buried alive. Their faces are frozen forever, silent screams escape from their mummified mouths. Why?

  11. The Mass Grave Of Headless Vikings
  12. In Dorset, England, a mass grave of headless vikings was discovered. Religious ritual or mass murder?

  13. Machu Picchu
  14. An ancient Peruvian city full of enigmas that still cannot be explained. Pick one to play with!

  15. Yonaguni Underwater Rock Formations
  16. A small Japanese island with a massive mystery just off shore. The strange stone formations may have been a place of worship, or an alien playground; you can decide which!

  17. The Dropa Stones
  18. Discovered in 1938 in the mountains near Tibet, these stone disks were discovered with the skeletons of ancient beings with big heads and child-like bodies. Some say alien, some say hoax. Read up on it for your next research paper!

  19. Zombies
  20. The witch doctors in the Caribbean have long been mixing up the poison of puffer fish with toxic plants to create a potion that renders their victim “brain-dead” but still living. Is it all lies, or a cheap, docile supply of free labour? You decide!