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How To Come Up With Interesting Biology Research Paper Ideas

A biology research paper can be one of the toughest papers you can write at any level. Whether or not you’re good at science, learning how to integrate research studies into a cohesive, original paper can be very tricky. However, before you even think about researching, you need to have a good topic for your paper already in mind. What makes for a good biology research paper topic? Here are some general tips and tricks.

Pick something that’s interesting to you. It won’t be any fun for you to write a paper on a subject that bores you to tears, and it won’t be any fun for your teacher to read a paper that the writer obviously doesn’t care about, so pick something that you think would be interesting to learn more about.

Pick something that’s important, and not too obvious. Everyone knows that plants need sunlight to grow, so writing a research paper proving this won’t be a very interesting, new, or important paper. Instead, try to pick something that has some relevance to the modern world, or that deals with a controversial issue. Furthermore, try to think outside the box and see if you can think of a topic that no one else in your class will write about; your teacher will be impressed by your initiative!

Pick something that will be easy to research. If you have a few ideas in mind, do some preliminary research into what studies and experiments have already been conducted on the topic. You’ll find it difficult to write a good, long paper about a subject that has very little existing research; it’s better to choose a topic with multiple studies and experiments to talk about.

Pose a question. Your topic should be in the form of a question, one that your thesis and paper will attempt to answer using concrete facts and evidence. If you’re thinking of a topic but can’t find a way to formulate it into a question, it may be time to move on.

Here are some sample topics that would make for good biology research paper subjects:

  • Is obesity genetic?
  • Is there are genetic basis for political affiliation?
  • Does having an abortion affect future pregnancies?
  • Do GMO crops have any effects on human health?
  • Do antibiotics in cattle feed effect human resistance to disease?
  • Does hypnosis cause any biological change, or is it entirely mental?
  • What are the main causes of cancer in America?
  • Is homosexuality a biological phenomenon or a choice?
  • Do we have a biological preference when it comes to beauty?
  • Does cannabis have any effect on long-term health?