research paper tips

Looking for good research topics for papers

Looking for research paper topics is easy. Looking for ones which are good and particularly good for you does take a little bit of time and effort. Where can you find good research paper topics? There are a number of places. You can ask co-students, especially those who are ahead of you in your course at school or college. What have they written about? And you don't have to copy exactly the same topic but rather use the keywords of their topic and brainstorm new topics.

You can inquire from your school or college library about research paper topics which are stored at your educational institution. And of course you could always go online. There are any number of websites which offer up suggestions for good research paper topics.

But we come back to the word good. What do we mean by a research paper topic which is good? Well it needs to have depth. Choosing a research paper topic where the subject is shallow, where there is little information for you to research is a bad move. Once you think you have discovered a good research paper topic, run it past your teacher or professor and get their reaction. Do a little bit of detective work and see how much relevant research material is available and accessible.

Remember that you will need a thesis statement early on in your research paper and it is this statement which you will collaborate upon throughout the research paper. Again test the thesis statement. Does it lend itself to examination and discussion? Does it lend itself to finding material which can support your thesis?

And finally here is a selection of research paper topics. They will only be good if they inspire you, if you want to write about them and more importantly, if you can find a unique or unusual angle with which to approach them. You don't want to be writing the exact same research paper that many of your fellow students are writing.

  1. Advertising for cigarettes, alcohol and junk food should all be banned.
  2. All illegal drugs should be made legal because the war on drugs has failed.
  3. Testing of cosmetics on animals should be banned.
  4. All forms of beauty contests are an embarrassment and should be made redundant.
  5. Online bullying should be made illegal and offenders prosecuted.
  6. Airport security should be given greater funds to carry out even more examination of people flying.
  7. Every politician should declare their position on climate change.
  8. It is never right to break the law.
  9. People who deny the Holocaust should be guilty of a crime.
  10. Countries which employ children as soldiers should be taken to international courts.