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5 Useful Tips On Creating A Literature Research Paper About Shantaram

Writing a literature research paper is a little different than any other research papers because you really don’t have to do much research at all. When you are creating a paper about some form of literature you need to read the book and that is it. When you start reading the book you will notice things about the book that interest you or that you find interesting about the way the book is written. The style of writing by the author may be something you think lends to the tone of the book. Whatever you decide to write about comes from within more than from research sources. Here are 5 useful tips on creating a literature research paper about Shantaram:

  1. You may want to concentrate on one of the different themes that are running through the book. There are many of them that you could write about. Possibly the theme about freedom appeals to you. There are many different aspects about freedom that are touched on in the book and it may be interesting to create your paper about this. Another theme might be the different types of love that the characters run across.
  2. You may want to write your paper about the ironic meaning to the name of the book and one of the themes of the book. Shantaram means “man of peace” but the book is riddled with violence. This may be something you want to expand upon.
  3. You may want to find a quote in the book that has meant something to you and expand on that. You can give analysis of the quote and what it meant to you and to the main characters in the book.
  4. Think about the ideas of revenge that run throughout the book and discuss this in detail. You also can discuss if it was justified and whether you agree with it. There is a main character in the book that he tries more than once to discuss the idea of revenge.
  5. You may want to talk about the fact that this novel is based on real events and people. It is interesting how much this means to the audience and if it really makes a difference. You can discuss how different it might be if the book was entirely fictional and how much knowing that it has truths in it makes a difference.