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22 Outstanding Music Psychology Research Paper Topics To Choose From

Music psychology is one of the most interesting areas you will ever write a paper on. It offers an opportunity to explore different aspects and exercise your creativity in the writing process. To make your work interesting, you need to select a captivating topic. It will make your work to standout and be compelling to the readers. Here is a list of fresh and interesting topics to consider for your research paper on music psychology.

  1. The cognitive effects of listening to particular genre of music
  2. Psychological correlates and the emotion models used in the study of music
  3. Enhancing absolute memory of music pitch
  4. The relationship between music and personality
  5. The pleasure effect of music on the brain
  6. How to effectively underpin musical emotions
  7. Brain disorders affecting music production and perception
  8. Using music to heal psychological traumas
  9. Psychological explanation of the calming effect of music on children
  10. How music helps in the process of learning
  11. Evolution of music psychology and its therapeutic significance
  12. Psychology of ethnomusicology
  13. When sound awakens the brain
  14. Neural mechanisms involved in the perception of melodies, rhythms, harmonies and other aspects of music
  15. The psychology of sacred music and its effectiveness for healing purposes
  16. Research paper on the development of music psychology
  17. The psychology of musicians as depicted in their compositions
  18. Personal experiences of musicians and its effect on their work
  19. How shopping behaviors are affected by the kind of music in play
  20. Music as a learning tool and its application to ensure that the concepts are understood instead of enjoying the music
  21. Music and human experiences
  22. Music and its appeal to television audience

The choice of topic for your research paper on music psychology should take to account several important aspects.

  • Passion- Choose a topic in an area you are passionate about. Passion ignites creativity and insight which helps you produce a more captivating paper.
  • Freshness- base your paper on a topic that has not been studied over and over. Pick a new area or perspective that will be interesting to read.
  • Relevance- your topic should resonate with current developments in the area of music psychology. Ensure that your choice of research paper topic adds value to the field of music psychology.