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Writing A Research Paper On Volleyball: 5 Helpful Tips

Whilst you may be more used to playing volleyball, rather than writing essays about the subject, there might be occasions where you may have to write a research paper based on the topic of sports, and you may choose this opportunity to write about volleyball. If this is the case, then the five following helpful tips should assist you when creating your work.

  1. Look at different styles of volleyball
  2. As part of your paper, you may wish to inform the reader about different styles of volleyball that can be played. For example, there is in indoor volleyball, as well as beach volleyball. You may wish to outline any similarities and differences between the two games, and how the different surfaces and conditions can affect players.

  3. Base your paper on similarities and differences between the men and women’s game
  4. As part of your paper you may wish to highlight any differences and similarities that exist between the men and women’s game. Furthermore, you may wish to analyse how the typical body structure and build of men and women can help or hinder each of the different sexes.

  5. Research more about different nations that are successful in world volleyball
  6. Volleyball is played by many nations all around the world. With World Championships and other globally inclusive competitions, you may wish to look at how successful different nations are and have been, both in terms of teams in the present day and those of the past.

  7. Describe the style of exercise and which muscles are used
  8. If you are writing a research paper from a physiologist’s point of view, then you may wish to look at different exercises that are performed by the body whilst playing the sport. For example, you may wish to look at how the different muscles work together and how different strains and stresses can be caused to different parts of the body. You may even wish to introduce various facts and statistics relating to injuries that are picked up by people when playing sport.

  9. Think about any interesting aspects based on when you play the game
  10. If you play volleyball yourself, then to help you think of good topics and titles for your work, it can be a good idea to think of any aspect of the game that you find particularly interesting. For example, you may wish to look at various training methods and techniques that have helped you to improve.