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Five Successful Research Paper Topics On Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, often called AI, is when computers act as humans. It is when the computer can perform human tasks such as driving or manning a space ship. With the advancments in technology, this topic is often given for an assigned essay. If your teacher asks you to write about the topic and pick a specific area, then consider using one of our innovative ideas.

Innovative Ideas

  1. What a computer cannot nor will ever be able to do-this essay always brings things in to perspective.
  2. George Jetson, Star Trek, Star Wars and AI before the modern world-how television discovered artificial intelligence before the modern world.
  3. George Orwell and AI in the novel 1984-discuss what in the book is currently commonplace.
  4. The founding fathers and mothers of the AI movement-who are they, what did they contribute, and where are they today.
  5. Can emotions ever exist in a computer and how do people form attachments to inanimate objects- it seems odd, but people do form attachments to their technology, a woman once became attached to her smart house.

These topics will all make for an innovative composition. You need to get all of the directions from your teacher, find out if the paper will be MLA or APA, meet all your deadlines, and make sure either you or someone else carefully proofs the paper for you. You will need to know how many sources your teacher would like for you to include and then you will need to know if the instructor wants a Works Cited page or a Bibliography. You should make sure to ask the teacher if you do not know the answer to any of these questions. Do not get behind in your paper and work on your paper every single day. Never wait until the last minute to complete your paper for class. If you cannot do the work, then consider using a writing company or hiring a tutor for help. If none of these topics appeal to you, you can search magazines, newspapers, and online scientific sites for trending topics in the field. The industry is changing daily with new developments and advancments; there will be many things from which you can select for your essay topic. Do not worry. There will be many choices that you can choose from for you essay.