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A List Of Contemporary Communication Research Paper Topics

The area of communication has been growing in popularity right from the mid-1960s. Contemporary communication would involve exploring concepts and/or trends targeting media markets. If you are seeking for ideas for contemporary communication research paper, you need to be open to something that is more interesting. Remember that, your content needs to have a unique focus when at the same time being different and unusual.

And, you could come up with your own ideas by using the following list of contemporary communication research paper topics:

Broadcasting – The Best Idea!

I call this as the best idea because you are having multiple things to talk about regarding contemporary communication. Few examples of the research topics in this area would include the following:

  • How high-definition television has changed the manner the people receive data?
  • High-definition television sets Vs. Old black and white televisions
  • How radios have transformed in the past few decades?
  • Why one radio frequency seems to carry more news and information than others?
  • Has the radio as well as television qualities went down over the years? Why?

Internet – Another Hop Topic!

This is another hot area to speak about in your research paper. Few of the topic ideas are:

  • How is the internet impacting the news that is happening in real time?
  • Analyzing whether more people are using their mobile devices for accessing internet for the purpose of seeing news
  • How the developing countries are making internet available?
  • How is internet helping the businesses and/or companies in making more money?
  • How do the shoppers save more money using the internet?

Printed Newspapers:

Some of the research ideas in this topic are:

  • Are people still reading newspapers?
  • Popularity of digital versions Vs. paper versions
  • Discussing the status of newspapers after the news is made available over the internet
  • Are newspapers more advantageous than our social media websites?


These are several interesting research topics available in this area. Some ideas can be:

  • Analyzing the differences in the way the people vote for candidates after TV, radio and internet came into play
  • Discussing the effects of contemporary communication on global economy


Research ideas in advertising are:

  • Analyzing the common techniques used for promoting products and services
  • How do the companies advertise the products or services to various parts of the world?

These are only few ideas to help selecting your research topic. There are several topics to speak in the contemporary communication field. As a researcher in this field, you could find latest information in the journals and newspapers.