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General Instructions On Writing A Term Paper On Science And Technology

Science and technology is a difficult subject. It’ll take plenty of efforts from you to write an interesting and strong term paper on this topic. Many students don’t get good marks for their papers, because they don’t know how to compose them properly. If you want to get a high score for your term paper on science and technology, you should read the tips below.

  1. Choose the topic.
  2. The first step you should take is to select a good topic. The easiest way for it is to pick something that is interesting to you. Also, you may think about topics that you know. It’s advisable to combine these two points to achieve the best result. For example, if you’re fond of space technologies and read about them since your childhood, you should select this topic.

  3. Narrow your topic and do research.
  4. It’s not advisable to write about general topics in your term paper. You should take your idea and narrow it, so that you may do research on specific details of your topic. For example, the topic of space technologies may be narrowed to technologies that were used to explore Mars. Read more about the narrowed topic to gather information for your paper.

  5. Make your thesis statement.
  6. Your thesis statement is the idea you want to discuss in your paper written in a single sentence. You should think carefully to compose a proper thesis statement, because it will be a core of your whole work. Approach your teacher with your topic and ask for help with composing a thesis statement.

  7. Make an outline.
  8. The next step is to build an outline for your term paper. It should be based on your thesis statement and the information you gathered. Make sure that each new paragraph logically continues the ideas given in the previous paragraphs. You may also consult your teacher concerning this matter to achieve a better result.

  9. Write your term paper.
  10. Now you should write your first draft according to your outline. Start with the introduction where you should present your topic and state your thesis to grab readers’ attention. In the body you should discuss and support your ideas with evidence from your sources. In the conclusion of your paper you should summarize all your points and give final explanations. State the significance of your topic.

  11. Proofread your paper.
  12. When your work is fully written, you should check it for mistakes and edit it. Correct all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Restructure sentences and paragraphs that don’t directly relate to your topic.