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A List Of Original Term Paper Ideas On Western Civilization

One of the main assignments in a history class is the research paper. These essays are designed to get students thinking about the subject. By the time a student completes their paper, they will have learned about the research process, writing and a bit about the history of an era. Western civilization classes may assign papers on a number of different topics. Ranging from a specific time period to a list of people, these topics can be difficult for students to write about. If the topic is not assigned in class, students can use some of the following ideas to brainstorm a potential essay topic.

  1. Henry Ford and the Age of the Assembly Line
  2. Socrates and Modern Philosophy
  3. Galileo: Was He Really Excommunicated by the Catholic Church?
  4. The Advancement of the Tire: How Rubber Created a Revolution in Transportation
  5. “Let Them Eat Cake!” and Other Things That Were Never Said
  6. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X: Two Methods for Achieving Civil Rights
  7. Renaissance Masters and the Patronage System
  8. The Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther
  9. Henry VIII and the Church of England: Separation From the Catholic Church
  10. Why Was the Spanish Flu Called Spanish Since It Was Not From Spain?
  11. Queen Elizabeth I: War, Economic Renewal and a Thriving England
  12. Slavery in the Americas Versus the European Slavery Model
  13. The Development of Ladies' Underwear: Bullet Bras, Corsets and Bodices
  14. Legends of Atlantis and Other Myths
  15. The Creation of Oxford University: the World's First English-Language College
  16. The Court of Charlemagne: Art, Poets and Scientific Advancements
  17. In the Age of Alchemy: Transmutation and Creating Gold
  18. The Spanish Conquest of Florida and the Search for the Fountain of Youth
  19. Fighting the Nazis: the Underground Resistance Fighters
  20. The Catholic Church's Impact on Western Civilization
  21. Creating an Italian State: How Dante's Italian Became the Foundation of the Modern Italian Language
  22. Did the Legendary City of Troy Actually Exist?
  23. Viking Conquests and the Discovery of the Americas
  24. Why 1/3 of English is From French Words: William the Conqueror
  25. Gaudi's Influence on Spanish Architecture
  26. The Black Plague's Effect on European Culture
  27. How Irish Monks Saved European Knowledge During the Dark Ages
  28. When Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa Fall?
  29. Carthage and Rome: The Legendary Battles
  30. Classical and Hellenistic Greece
  31. Karl Marx and Communism's Role in Creating the Soviet Union
  32. The Death of Princess Anastasia
  33. The Mongol Invasions of Europe: A Continent in Panic
  34. Sigmund Freud and the Development of Psychology