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5 Common Problems Students Face When Writing A Science Research Paper

Writing your science research paper at the end of your term or year is an important undertaking. Research paper writing is a part of academic writing that requires you to have knowledge and skill in the area. Most students have a hard time writing a formal, stylized, and organized document on any topic. Considering that this is a science project, and that it requires you to research the topic it can be a dreadful prospect too. Before writing a science research paper you should be aware of the various pitfalls and potholes you might encounter on the way. Here is a list of five common problems students face when writing a science research paper:

  1. Topic Selection: Although this should not become a big problem, topic selection can be the lengthiest part of your research paper writing process. The field of scientific research is vast and this, precisely, is the reason most students find it so hard to settle on a topic of research. A tip to overcome this problem: Make a list of the areas that interest you and then have a discussion with your instructor.
  2. Poor Research and Organization: You have to find credible and citable sources for your research paper. While an online search can give good results, do not confine your research to the screen of your computer. Go through scientific journals and archives to find material and evidence for your argument. A badly organized paper will show disconnected and randomly wandering ideas. Read about research paper writing if you are unsure about organizing your paper correctly.
  3. Poor Evidence and Idea Development: Another major obstacle that students face is Idea development. This can only be done properly with a clear outline and strong supporting evidence. Your paragraph should start with one of your major claims about the thesis. The rest of the paragraph should give evidential support and develop the argument further.
  4. Shortcomings in style: This can be a nagging problem. You may end up sounding wooden or boring if you employ the wrong tone, repeat your words and phrases unnecessarily, or fail to make your transitions smooth.
  5. Editing and proofreading: The commonest and most avoidable of the problems are those of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Sometimes the relief of having finished writing the research paper can make editing and proofreading a positively repulsive idea. Find someone else to do the proofreading for you if need be.