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Techniques of Writing a Research Paper Rough Draft

Writing the initial draft is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the essay writing process. Any professional author will tell you that the first draft will need to undergo quite a few revisions and will hardly look like it did in the beginning when you are finally finished. Therefore, the first rule of writing a draft is not trying to make it into a complete paper.

The rough draft really should be rough and unpolished. It also should be bigger than the paper you have to create, because you will definitely cut out several parts when you start editing it. There are some special techniques one can use to create a high quality initial draft that will be easy to edit. They are:

  • Develop a routine that will get you in the “writing mood”.
  • Doctors advise patients with insomnia to repeat the same actions every time before they go to bed. This is a signal that tells the brain that it’s time to fall asleep. You should develop the same habit for your writing projects. Make a special cup of tea, organize your workspace, etc. This routine can consist of simple everyday actions, so you don’t need to develop some special rituals. The most important thing is for you to repeat them in the same order every time.

  • Start working with revising the things you’ve already completed.
  • Depending on the stage you are in, these things may be your notes, outline, and completed paragraphs or even chapters of the project you are currently working on. This revision will allow you to tune into the necessary style of writing.

  • Allow yourself to write poorly.
  • Do not aim for perfection when working on the rough draft. At this stage, you must aim to put all your ideas on paper as soon as they appear. It doesn’t matter whether they will look bad, the point is to make sure you don’t forget them.

  • Start with whatever you like best at the moment.
  • Do you feel like writing the seventh paragraph instead of the second? Do so if you feel inspired. There will be time to complete the other paragraphs when you are in the mood for them. This principle is especially important when you need to work on some big project, like a dissertation.

  • Don’t look back.
  • You shouldn’t go over the things you’ve written when working on a rough draft. If you do this, you will be tempted to start editing. Thus, instead of pursuing new ideas, you will be stuck with the old ones.