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5 tips to help you write an outline for research paper

It doesn't matter how good a writer you are, how good you are with expression, unless you learn how to construct and complete an outline or plan, your research paper will never be as good as it could be. It's not just a matter of creating an outline but rather that you fill the plan with all the relevant information. You need to spend as much time as is necessary in the creation of your outline so that the writing of the actual research paper is easier, quicker and more effective.

So what are some tips to help you write a terrific outline for your research paper?

  • Know the structure of your outline.
  • Refine your thesis statement until it is perfect.
  • Only have one main point in each body paragraph.
  • Make sure all minor points directly support each major point.
  • Never add anything new in your conclusion.

It's no good creating an outline unless you know its structure. In a nutshell it will be divided into three sections namely an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. How many body paragraphs you use will depend on the size of your research paper and the depth to which you wish to go in writing it. Don't forget there might be a requirement of a certain size depending upon the wishes of your teacher or professor.

The thesis statement for your research paper will occur in your introduction. It is the basis of your research paper. Everything in the writing of a research paper will emanate from your thesis statement. Take your time and get it spot on.

In your outline, each body paragraph will have only one main point. Do not make the mistake of having more than one main point for each body paragraph. You can have more than one minor in each body paragraph so long as they each relate directly to the main point in that paragraph. By stating clearly which are your major and minor points in your outline, it becomes so much easier to write your research paper.

Always remember that in your outline the conclusion is a summary of what has gone before. It will not include any new points. So in your outline in your conclusion you could simply list in shorthand each point you wish to reiterate. Remember the better your outline, the better your research paper.