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Dealing With A Science Fair Research Paper Bibliography: Basic Tips

Many students have to work on science fair research papers during their studies. They have to use different literature sources to conduct a solid research and write a strong paper. Keep in mind that not all materials available online are reliable. It’s important to check reliability of books, articles, and online resources that you intend to use.

You can find a sample bibliography page of a science fair research paper to learn how it should look like. The following basic tips will help you deal with literary and other resources that you’re planning to use in your science fair project:

  • Be aware of a plagiarism problem.
  • Plagiarism is inappropriate in the world of academic writing. Keep in mind that you should also cite paraphrased facts and ideas. Some professors ask students to add every source that they’ve consulted to bibliography. In other words, even if you don’t cite a source in the text, it’s necessary to include it to a list of works cited. You must give a credit to every author whose ideas helped you complete your science fair research paper.

  • Learn what websites are considered reliable.
  • Bear in mind that governmental addresses are usually trustworthy. Websites of colleges and universities provide accurate materials. Non-governmental organisations and scientific groups often select and share solid resources. Resources maintained by a single person are usually unreliable unless a university professor moderates them. It’s a good idea to check the feedback left by other students. Many positive comments mean that the resource if credible.

  • Use and cite popular educational websites.
  • Ask your classmates what websites they consider reliable and look for materials you need there. You can also visit your department’s website and look for bibliography formatting tips there. Try to find content written by experts in the science field and check the list of sources at the bottom of the webpage. It’s advisable to avoid using materials without a list of resources for further reference.

  • Study how to format your bibliography properly.
  • It makes sense to get a good formatting manual in order to find out how to format a list of works cited. Remember the requirements of your supervisor, have your class notes in hand, and ask questions if you don’t understand something. On the Web, you can find helpful guidelines on how to insert in-text citations and format a bibliography. Some students use citing opportunities provided by word processors. You can also use special bibliography software to insert citations while you write.