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4 Components Of A Good Research Paper On Managerial Decision Making

If you study management, you may be asked to compose a research project on managerial decision making. This is a good topic to write about. However, a good topic alone won’t bring you the highest score. You should learn what to include in your paper if you want your teacher to be impressed by your academic work.

Components of a Successful Research Paper

  1. A catchy title.
  2. The name of your paper shouldn’t just contain the keywords from your text. It should draw the attention of people and make them want to read your paper. You may consult your teacher or look for guidelines on the Internet on how to make your title more attention-grabbing.

  3. A clear introduction.
  4. If you want your audience to clearly understand the body chapters of your paper, you should present the background of your topic in the introduction. Inform the readers about the history of your study area and indicate how your own work will contribute to its development. List and interpret the key terms that will be used throughout your text. Lastly, write briefly about the contents of body chapters.

  5. An informative body.
  6. The main chapters of your paper should be very detailed. In the literature review, you should write about prominent researchers in your area and their works that make a foundation for your academic work. In the methodology chapter, you should thoroughly describe all the actions that you’ve performed to achieve the goals of your study. In the last body chapter, you should introduce the exact outcomes of your work. Provide facts and statistics first and only then move on to the discussion.

  7. A good conclusion.
  8. A conclusion should remind the reader about each of your main points and sum up the results of your work. The last section is also a place where the reader should be able to find your suggestions for further research. You may indicate the factors that have limited your actions and provide the reader with advice on how to avoid them during their work.

Where to Get Assistance with Writing Your Paper

Not all students have excellent writing skills and can compose outstanding academic works. If you need to improve your skills in order to become a better writer, it’s advisable to find a good academic center. There, you’ll be able to sign up for taking special courses in academic writing. These courses are rather expensive, but after passing them, you’ll be able to write a great paper on any topic.