research paper tips

How To Complete Your Academic Research Paper Successfully

Research papers take a lot of thought and strategy before they reach an A+ status. Use the following guide to get the most out of your time and still go through your research paper as if it were easy.

Work on a five day plan

Start your academic research paper five days before it is due. This will help you to develop the paper within five key phases that will make it excellent.

  1. Day 1
  2. Dedicate the first day to sitting with a cup of coffee and planning the paper. Be sure not to distract yourself with anything else. Sit in front of your computer and think about your topic. Watch some videos on the subject if you hit a blank and be sure to write down an outline idea every time one pops into your head. Now arrange those outlines into a logical order and check to make sure that each one adheres to the main objective of your topic.

  3. Day 2
  4. On your second day you will not be doing any writing. Simply log onto the internet and find as many resources on your topic as you can. Bookmark good web pages, copy and paste pertinent content, and download audio and video files which you can use later on. Arrange all of these in a folder for easy access.

  5. Day 3
  6. Now it’s time to start writing. But don’t go too crazy; start off slow. Write three key points under each outlined heading and subheading and perhaps start working on your intro. If you run out of ideas, go to your research resources and get some inspiration and facts.

  7. Day 4
  8. You should have about 200 – 300 words already down on paper. Now comes the part where you fill it all in. This will not take long at all because you have already done all the planning, all the structuring, and all the key ideas. You also don’t have to search for any information because it is all neatly arranged in one folder where it is easy to find.

  9. Day 5
  10. On day 5, spend at least two hours refining your paper. Proofread it about three times and swop around any sentences that don’t work where they are. If you find any info that is not contributing to your main point, delete it. Make sure everything is perfect and that your teacher or professor will not find fault.