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10 Extraordinary Chemistry Research Paper Topic Ideas

If you want an extraordinary list of chemistry research paper topics, consider the following:

  1. What is the difference between whole milk, skim milk, and two percent milk?
  2. Explain the chemical make up of vitamin deficiencies in humans
  3. Write about the effects of acid rain on plants
  4. Discuss the possibility of turning yeast into a biofuel
  5. Write about the danger of radon
  6. Explain the chemistry of baking soda versus baking powder
  7. Write about the chemistry behind aging
  8. Explain how to capture and use carbon dioxide
  9. Write about ossification
  10. Explain the chemistry behind the use of liquid band aids

Try and pick something that interests you. If you have a topic you like, you will find the writing process and research process is much easier compared to a topic that you cannot stand and do not have a personal interest in. Once you find your topic, you should follow these tips and tricks below to ensure the paper turns out well:

Start early.

Start working on your project as soon as it is assigned. Spend a lot of time thinking over the argument and developing a thesis. Read over material your professor gives you such as instructions or sample documents. Make sure you have a plan for the sources, the length, the topic, and the citation style required of you.

Write every piece.

But just because you reached the bottom of the fourth page, and your assignment calls for four pages, does not mean you should just place a period at the end of your sentence and turn it in. You need to make sure you have all of the pieces regardless. You need to include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You should never short one of those just because you hit the exact word limit or page limit and are suddenly lazy. Stick with it and make sure you have a thorough discussion, complete with arguments, examples, and research. Your conclusion should not just be two lines that you wrote when you realized that you had already hit your minimum word count. Take some to wrap up your argument well. Do not do yourself, the class, and the teacher the injustice of leaving many of these key parts out of your essay just because you focused on the wrong aspect of the assignment.