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10 winning history topics for research papers

Writing a research paper in history can be a demanding task. History is not a small subject to talk about. You need to first understand the subject and then divide it into divisions and sub-divisions. You cannot simply choose a good topic before you have the breakup of your subject. It is very important to know which area you know the most about to be able to choose a good topic.

How to divide your subject for choosing the right topic

You can draw a flow chart, a map, a web diagram or an outline to divide you subject into further divisions. You can use bullet points and numberings to list down the possible areas. Think of all the major divisors and note them down. After that, you can further divide each area. You can call these sub-divisions and represent them by numbers or alphabets. Dividing a history research paper is easier as compared to other subjects. You can divide your paper based on era and timeframe. You can talk about the Stone Age, the Egyptian tenure and other eras in history of the world. You may also divide your subject based on wars. You can talk about nuclear wars, or world wars. You can discuss the causes and after effects of theses wars. You may also divide your subject based on religions. For instance, you can say the beginning of Christianity or birth of a new religion or even the order of events in the Abrahamec religion etc. Similarly, you can have disasters and natural calamities as one of the major divisions in your subject. Lastly, you can also use leaders and celebrities from the past as a subject of your research.

Topics for your history research paper

After you have the categories of your subject, you can simply choose the one that you feel most comfortable with, you can move on to choosing the topic. If you are wondering how your research paper topic should look like, here are a few ideas for your research paper in history

  1. The causes of the Russian Revolution
  2. Who approved the human rights bill to the constitution of United States of America
  3. In the pre-historic times who was the mother goddess for wealth and prosperity
  4. How were the pyramids built in ancient Egypt with mere human labor
  5. What was the reason for downfall of Mughal emperors in the sub continent
  6. Who are the most renowned women leaders in the world
  7. What gave rise to the Taliban
  8. Discuss the great depression
  9. Extinct species of the world
  10. Civil war in America