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Interesting biology research papers topics for college students

Biology may not be enjoying as much of a resurgence in popularity as other sciences like cosmology and physics. Luckily for the biologists of the future, popularity isn’t everything and trends can change in the blinking of an eye. One of the ways that a science becomes more important to the general public is through research that the average person feels drawn to. In selecting a research paper topic ask yourself:

Will this ever impact a lay person?

Many journals are full of research that was meticulously curated by genius level students but will never been seen by anyone without a PhD because it lacks accessibility. Make sure your topic hits all the right notes with the academics but try as much as possible to make it translatable to people outside of the field.

Will this topic catch anyone’s eye?

In academia it’s understandable that some topics will be boring. Do you really want to meddle with those? Research takes massive amounts of time and you may have the option to select research that you enjoy every step of the way. Don’t rob yourself of the experience if you have the choice.

Once those questions have satisfactorily been answered you can begin your research. Here are some interesting topics that you might look into researching.

  • Can the propensity to extreme violence be narrowed down to a few chemical reactions?
  • What levels of sun exposure are not only benign but beneficial?
  • Can the regeneration of skin be fully accomplished without the regrowth of hair follicles?
  • Can changes in diet lead to the regrowth of damaged or removed teeth?
  • Can sexual dimorphism be triggered in species that do not usually experience it?
  • What balance between organic and inorganic material is necessary to maintain life in human/animal-machine hybrids?
  • Many mini-bangs: Has the spark that first created life been re-sparking continuously on a smaller level since the beginning of time?
  • Can intense application of grafting and crossbreeding techniques produce more nutritious and less damaging produce than genetic modification?
  • Can botanically derived chemicals reverse intense frost bite?
  • How many generations would it take for feral dogs to become superficially indistinguishable from wolves?

No topic will ever be perfect and even if it seems to be you can be certain that someone will disagree with you just to be contrary. Focus on your own work and ignore nay-sayers.