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A Hand-Picked List Of Research Paper Topics On English Language Teaching

Your research paper on English language teaching will be a success if you pick an interesting, researchable, and unique topic for it. The following tips will help you accomplish the task easily and a list of original topics will definitely inspire you.

How to Pick Your Topic

English language teaching is a prolific niche of education where you will definitely find the best topic idea to do research on. Namely, you may focus either on teachers or on English learners in your paper. You may explore different methods of teaching the language or investigate what difficulties students encounter when learning English. The education of English teachers can make a great topic for your project as well. Dig deeper in the peculiarities of acquiring reading, writing, speaking, or listening skills, or analyze possible obstacles in understanding the language style by foreign learners. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that it is something that really interests you. You’ll also benefit by choosing a useful topic for your research paper.

Inspiring List of Topics

  • The use of the silent way technique in teaching non-native speakers English. How effective is this instructional method? What strong and weak points does it have?
  • The direct approach and the whole language approach in English language teaching. How is the combination of these methods used?
  • Dependence of language learning skills on the students’ age. Why do older students learn English faster than children under twelve?
  • Cognitive barriers to learning English. What real and imaginary obstacles exist?
  • Understanding the quality of English language teaching. How can the teaching quality be measured?
  • Teaching business English. What are the peculiarities? What approaches are applied?
  • Teaching English for academic purposes. What goals are pursued? What methods are applied?
  • Technology in English language teaching. What technological innovations are used in teaching English as a foreign language? How effective are they?
  • Total physical response (TPR) in teaching English. What premises is TPR based on? How does the use of TPR methods help learn English?
  • Suggestopedia and teaching English. How does this teaching system help activate the students’ reserve capacities? How is it used to help students learn English?
  • Implicit versus explicit language learning. How do they differ? How does the learning type depend on a student’s individual characteristics?
  • The correlation of oral English and reading development. How can students learn to read in English on the basis of their speaking skills?
  • Psychology of English language teaching. How can students be motivated to learn the language?