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What Are Some Good Research Paper Topics in Chemistry

Chemistry research papers are tough to write. Not because of the process of conducting research and presenting your findings, but because of the trouble in choosing an interesting topic. Make the process easy for yourself by choosing a topic that you are genuinely interested in and a topic that isn’t too broad or too narrow that you can’t fully research. Generally, chemistry research papers are formulaic, so as soon as you’ve narrowed down your topic you should be able to jump into your work and write a great paper.

Here are some topics to use or to inspire your own topic in chemistry:

Effects of using plastic packaging for foods. Chemicals in plastics can be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. What dangers exist in using plastics to package our foods?

Essential vitamin deficiencies in young adults. There has been much debate about making school meals healthier, but most of the discussion has surrounded obesity. What can be said about vitamin deficiencies and how this contributes to health concerns?

How chemistry works in the world. Do you understand how chemistry works in micro or macro world? How does chemistry affect actions taken by community or world leaders?

Aging and changes in chemistry. Do you ever notice that “new baby smell”? How about the smell of older skin of the elderly? Those smells come from chemistry in the body and can be traced through the course of getting older.

Carbon dioxide and its uses. Carbon dioxide can be absorbed by trees and plants and turned into clean oxygen naturally. Can we harness this reaction and use it effectively to combat air pollution as move towards a more populated world?

Dental fillings and chemistry. How has chemistry in dentistry – dental fillings for instance – changed in the last 100 years and why have these changes been important to the dental health of patients? Is there a potential for materials that are less expensive but last just as long?

Chemicals used to achieve natural flavoring. What does “natural flavor” actually mean when we know that a combination of various chemicals and colorings are used in the process of preserving foods for mass consumption?

Toxic and non-toxic inks in stationary. What are the actual known harms of toxic and non-toxic chemicals in stationary like pens and markers? How much of any one chemical in these products we used each day can be inhaled or ingested before it becomes harmful?