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How to Choose an Easy Topic for a Research Paper

It’s perfectly natural for you to have trouble choosing a topic for your research paper assignment. Besides having to conduct the hours of researching your material, you want to be sure that whatever it is your writing about is something that you can tackle. It’s for this reason that so many students actually try to choose the easiest topics to work on just so that they can be sure to get enough of their work complete and improve their chances of getting a good grade. For whatever reason, if you think you need to choose an easy topic for your paper here are the best ways to do so:

Choose a topic, any topic, you are interested in: This is often the first piece of advice you will hear when wanting to choose an easy topic for a research paper. Students are more likely to reduce a lot of the stress that goes into each of composing a research paper if they are invested in answering questions they are generally interested in. Take a look at your syllabus and consider all of your readings. Recall those topics that drew your attention the most and consider a few ways to dig deeper and learn something new about them.

Narrow down your topic to just one question or area of study: Now that you have your list of questions it’s a good idea to pare down each question into more specific ones that deal with just one area of study. If you hare writing a history research paper on technology in World War I, consider a more focused approach and attempt to research just tank technology on the Western front. This narrow view will help you gather your thoughts and resources as well as make your research more manageable.

Conduct a preliminary search for available material: Take your idea and conduct a brief preliminary search of material, just to ensure that you are able to find enough material to write a full research paper and answer any questions you have. Use various combinations of the keywords “WWI” “Tanks” “Technology” and “Western Front” on your library’s database for all possible articles and books available on those subjects. Write down several titles and devote some time searching for the works on your list. Don’t forget to look for related and recommended resources from bibliographies or further reading lists.

Taking these few steps before starting your deep research will help contextualize your approach is very important in the planning process. The result is that you’ll have a much easier time finding your perfect topic and you will be more likely to put together a great piece of academic work.