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How To Come Up With Interesting Political Science Research Paper Topics

Politics and religion are often considered divisive topics that are unfit for polite company. The differences in beliefs are vast and held closely so that brawls easily erupt between friends over just a few words. Political science is therefore a minefield in which it is all too simple to offend without meaning to. Conversely, if you don’t mind a little drama in your academics, the subject yields a great deal of fascinating topics. Here are a few tips to help you pick one.

  1. Be current
  2. There is always a story related to political intrigue happening somewhere in the world. Read up on it and apply what you learn to an essay.

  3. Be a bit controversial
  4. While it is a bit dangerous to include controversy in academic writing, in the right audience it can go off without a hitch. Chose a topic that more timid writers would avoid but not one that all sane individuals would avoid like the plague.

  5. Be the first
  6. Many people have written papers before you. If you really want to draw the reader’s interest don’t follow in their footsteps. Write something no one has written before you or take a stance on a familiar topic that no one else has taken. Stay logical so that you don’t come off as a gimmick.

These three tips can be used alone or together to come up with topics like the following:

  • Does the American system of government result in more democracy than the one inherited by former British colonies?
  • Do border restrictions lead to greater animosity between separate states?
  • Compare and contrast the roles of the Canadian Prime Minister and the American President
  • Does the provision of welfare lead to a weaker population or a more altruistic one?
  • Can a two party system be made stronger by the addition of a viable third party?
  • Does the concept of elections represent the fairest system of appointing leaders?
  • Are monarchies unfairly foisted upon citizens of anachronistic societies?
  • Should the people of a country have a legally recognized means of overthrowing a corrupt government before the end of its term?
  • Should Presidential term limits be revoked?
  • To what extent is the British Monarch head of state?

These topics can truly shine in the hands of a writer with patience and skill. If you just need the practice you can try them out anyway and use them to get better.