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The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On African American Literature

Literature is an integral part of our lives. A society is able to develop and flourish by focusing on their cultures and the significant role this has to the lives of people. This can only be achieved through literature. African American literature focuses on the atrocities the Africans and Americans have had to endure throughout a lifetime. This can indeed be a very prolific area for the researchers. However, coming up with research paper topics in this field can be a huge challenge to many. Below is a list of the most interesting research paper topics on African American literature that could be of good help to you:

  1. The importance of studying African American literature.
  2. Discuss the African American political policies and social status.
  3. What are some of the hardships that the African American faced during the pre-colonial period?
  4. Slavery was evident during the pre-colonial period among the African American. Discuss.
  5. Discuss the culture of African American and compliance to Anglo Saxon group norms.
  6. What are some of the factors that are contributing to the disintegration of the Africana American family?
  7. Discuss some of the factors that can bring about equality among the African American.
  8. Black self-contempt seeping into African American is irrefutable. Discuss
  9. Racism in the United States is one of the most ghastly forms of inhumaneness. Discuss
  10. Discuss the theme of poverty among the African American.
  11. Give a detailed account of the history of the African Americans in the United States.
  12. What are the cultural beliefs of the African American people?
  13. What are some of the factors contributing to poor living standards among the African Americans?
  14. Discuss the social stratification among the community of the African Americans.
  15. Discuss some of the health challenges facing the African American.
  16. Discuss the trend of debilitating disease conditions among the African American community
  17. Discrimination is rampant among the African Americans in America. Discuss.
  18. What is the importance of studying the African American community?
  19. What are some of the evident misconceptions about the African American life?
  20. What is the influence of the African American community in the United States?
  21. The analysis of the struggles of an African American man in the foreign nation.
  22. Discus the forgotten African American heroes and the role they played in liberating the blacks from the hands of the colonialists.