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Coming Up with Interesting Terrorism Topics for a Research Paper

If you are writing a paper on the subject of terrorism for a research paper there are many topics from which to choose. Each of the topics can be further subdivided of course into narrower topics that suit your academic needs. It is important to craft an original thesis statement and well rounded argument for your topic. That argument needs to be supported by sufficient evidence.

If you need help finding topics then review the list below. Some interesting terrorism topics might include:

  • Terrorism
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Al Qaeda
  • Anti-terrorism measures and their relation to civil liberties
  • Bioterrorism
  • Cyberterrorism
  • Counter terrorism
  • The war on terror
  • Media and terrorism
  • Hostage crises

When you are writing a research paper you should be careful about the thesis that you select. The purpose of your research essay mirrors that of any other argumentative or persuasive essay: you need to convince the reader of your side or question. The difference is that you should not just repeat the argument made by another person or cite the same sources they did. You should also attempt to create an original thesis not one that you took from someone else. You do not want to merely repurpose another writer’s work but you can take their thesis and transplant it into another set of circumstances.

For example: just because another author wrote about the way in which new minimum wage laws affected unions in New York does not mean you cannot research the way that new minimum wage laws are passed in Congress or what economists predict happens after minimum wages are raised.

But of course an original thesis is the best place to start.

The thesis is what organizes your material and helps to focus your research efforts.

The body is where you present support for your arguments. You should look for academics in your field who have presented similar arguments but not the same thesis or conclusion. You want their content to support your argument. If what they have to say does not offer support for your argument then there is no point in wasting the space in your essay.

In the conclusion you need to summarize your arguments. You can finish with a striking example or a quote that sums up the argument you presented clearly.